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public auction

Dodge City, KS   |  November 18, 2021

Sellers: Robert Josserand Estate, Don & Mary Josserand Trust, Emery F. Josserand Trust, Gary & Vernice Jantz Family, Wooford-O'Brate Inc., and Thomas Family Farms

Date Sold: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Tract 1 - $7,000 per acre / $1,070,000 total
Tract 2 - $6,900 per acre / $2,760,000 total
Tract 3 - $7,350 per acre / $1,712,550 total
Tract 4 - $5,200 per acre / $832,000 total
Tract 5 - $6,000 per acre / $1,440,000 total
Tract 6 - $4,880 per acre / $1,152,000 total
Tract 7 - $3,650 per acre / $1,635,200 total
Tract 8 - $1,500 per acre / $240,000 total
Tract 9 - $1,150 per acre / $368,000 total

Land Location: See map – SIGNS WILL BE POSTED!

Tracts 1-4 are located 7.25 miles North of Copeland, Kansas and 1.0 miles East. On 2 Road go 7.25 miles to Y Road then 1 mile East. Signs will be posted.

Tracts 5-7 are located 5.25 miles North of Copeland, Kansas on 2 Road. Signs will be posted.
Tracts 8-9 From Ingalls, Kansas are located 1 mile South on 11 Road (S. Main). Then go 5 miles West to Road 6 and 1 mile South. This will put you on the NE corner of the subject property (Tract 8). Signs will be posted. From Tract 8 go 3 miles South on 6 Road, then 1 mile East on R Road. This will put you on the NW corner of the subject property (Tract 9). Signs will be posted.


Manner of Sale:  This real estate will be offered in nine (9) individual tracts only. The Tracts are identified as Tracts 1-9. There will be no combination of the Tracts. Auction procedure and increments of bidding will be at the discretion of the auction company.  

Mineral Rights:  The mineral rights under Tract 3 located in the SW 1/4 of Section 32 are producing and will sell with the land (see Tract 3 information). Mineral rights under Tract 7 will not be sold. The seller of Tract 7 will retain 100% of the minerals and all future production. All other seller’s mineral rights will sell with the land on each tract. All mineral rights are believed to be 100% in tact. 

Leases:  There is a salt water lease located on Tract 4 (see Tract 4 information). The salt lease will follow the new buyer of Tract 4. There is a gas lease on Tract 3.

Crops:  Winter wheat has been planted on the NE 1/4 of Section 18 and in all corners of the W 1/2 of Section 17 (Tract 7). The wheat crop will transfer to the new buyer upon closing. All other acres on all other tracts are open and will transfer to the new buyer upon closing. 

Terms:  $25,000 down to be paid, per tract, on the day of the sale with the signing of the contract. The buyer and seller will split the cost of title insurance and escrow 50/50. Balance of purchase price will be due at closing, on or before December 18, 2021, or upon such terms acceptable to the seller. All funds will be held by the designated escrow agent, High Plains Title, LLC., in Dodge City, KS. Bidding is not contingent upon financing. Financing, if necessary, needs to be arranged and approved prior to the auction. 

FSA Information:  All FSA information is deemed correct and was obtained from reliable sources. Any future FSA payments will follow the crops and new buyer. 

Possession:  Possession will be conveyed on the closing date. The closing date will be on or before December 18, 2021. The seller will pay all of the 2021 and prior year’s taxes. 

Flow Test:  All wells were flow tested on 9-17-2021 by L&N Pump, Sublette, KS

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